Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from prospective clients. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us, a member of our team would be happy to help.


We are asked this question often. As an organization, we’ve invested in building an experienced in-house recruitment team to help us scale quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of new and existing clients.

Additionally, we have strong partnerships with universities to hire recent grads and are constantly speaking with potential candidates to broaden our network. Our dedicated recruitment team have a pool of full-time contractors and a pool of credible contractors we've worked with before that we are able to engage as needed. As a remote-first company, we are able to hire globally, significantly increases the hiring pool and our ability to scale at speed.


Yes, absolutely! We generally work as part of an integrated team to best serve our clients’ needs. These teams can consist of marketing agencies, management consultancies, other software development companies, cloud security companies, and product companies.


Yes, we are open to this where and when it makes sense. For us this means the responsibilities of each contributor are clear, and the teams are well integrated and aligned on the engagement .

Here are some example scenarios of when we have worked on a specific segment of an engagement:

  • Our front-end development team was responsible for building a single page application (SPA), while infrastructure and API's developed internally.
  • Our team was responsible for software development and implementation, while our clients’ preferred UX/UI vendor was responsible for design.


We do offer cloud managed services and application support services on the platforms, applications and infrastructure built by our team. Our team of builders develop software with operations in mind, we are comfortable supporting it with confidence and tailored to your needs. And you can rest easy knowing their tech stack is managed by the engineers who know it inside and out.


Yes, we are interested in investing our time and capital into products that scratch your enterprise’s non-proprietary itch and have an addressable market within your line(s) of business or outside of your organization.

We are entrepreneurial at heart and have had held investments in online event ticketing, fashion (online and in-store), spirits, hospitality, and more.


It depends on the engagement; however, we do advise against fixed fee as it doesn’t guarantee the best outcome for either party. Committing to pre-defined deliverables and architecture at the beginning of an engagement does not leave room to be agile and make changes that will deliver greater value.

Instead, we favour a time and materials model. We sell our services as a dedicated project team, which can consist of project managers, software developers, business, and QA analysts.

The scope of work for each engagement defines the team capacity and business objectives. Changing priorities and deliverables are governed by your project manager and aligned on by the client team across the duration of the engagement. This ensures we align on where to deliver the highest impact, while staying accountable to key dates and delivery timelines.