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Accelerate Your Microsoft Azure Cloud Application Modernization  

Application modernization empowers you to embrace constant change, harness emerging technologies, and exceed customer expectations.  

When your legacy applications make it challenging to meet today’s business and customer needs, the task of modernizing can seem daunting. That’s why we start simple to prove the value of a broader cloud application modernization approach that supports integrated experiences, facilitates active innovation, and builds continuous momentum across your business.   



January 20, 2020

Through 2024, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimization to become more cost effective

Our proven method for app modernization

We take an iterative approach to application modernization, leveraging business, technology groups, and user insights to deliver incremental value instead of a prescriptive “big bang” approach. We use hypotheses-driven roadmaps, we expect and embrace change, and we like to be measured on value delivered.

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Multi-disciplinary perspectives

Modernization is about more than just tech

Some application modernization companies only look to leverage cloud-native capabilities, but we believe successful application modernization initiatives need to consider the user, business, and technology needs. Limiting the scope to technology is a missed opportunity and we leverage these multi-disciplinary perspectives when shaping the business case.

Hypotheses Driven

Incremental Application Modernization Roadmaps

We start right away with the right information to help companies plan application modernization roadmaps driven by hypotheses. It’s about finding better ways to move from point A to point B - learning, prioritizing and leaving room to pivot when and where needed.

Optimize the Application Portfolio

Identify Reusable Application Portfolio Capabilities

We look to leverage what already exists or what we can do to allow a capability to be exposed and integrated in other applications in your portfolio. This inner sourcing avoids the same foundational capability built numerous times across an application portfolio.

Reevaluate Features

Extract Feature Bloat

Our application modernization services provide the perfect opportunity to reevaluate applications and features that have morphed or are no longer needed. When modernizing these applications we start simple, instead of from a place of feature parity that realigns the user, business, and outcomes.

There’s no solution beyond our reach

If it’s integral to your digital transformation, our extensive application modernization capabilities can solve it and deliver future value beyond immediate results.

Planning & Application Rationalization

Portfolio Modernization Assessments and Planning

Where do we start? Which applications? How do we demonstrate value without getting lost in complexity? Our application portfolio modernization assessment will answer these questions and more with a business case backed approach and aligned plan that ensures we get you realizing value fast.

Cloud Migration

Application-Centric Cloud Migration

Build your modern enterprise in the cloud. Our company’s cloud migration services align business and technology motivations backed by our cloud-native software development capability to refactor, rebuild, or rearchitect your application where needed so that you can get a value aligned cloud migration approach.

Breaking apart the monolith

Microservices & API-first software development

Today’s software architecture and development efforts are often dependent on reusable independent services aligned to business capabilities.

Platform & Custom Software Development Services

Cloud-Native Software Development

Data-backed business motivations or business needs at times warrant an application be rebuilt or rearchitected to extract the highest value from an application modernization initiative. Our company's software development roots shine here with a team of Microsoft certified software developers that can either rebuild or rearchitect leveraging industry aligned best practices.

Efficient. Lightweight. Performance focused

User Interface App Modernization

Modern web applications feel snappy, have minimal page reloads, and dynamically respond to user interactions like you’d expect on your mobile or desktop apps. We often modernize traditional clunky legacy application interfaces with beautifully designed, simple to use, and performance centric modern single-page-applications or statically generated websites.

Quality engineering

Quality Assurance & Automated Testing

Lower the risk and cost of testing your applications. Our quality engineering services bake in automated testing from the start.

Breaking apart the monolith

APIs/Microservices Software Development

A modern enterprise relies on microservices that break applications down into reusable independent services aligned to business capabilities. Our application modernization services leverage the value of this capability when breaking apart monolithic applications.

Learn how we ...

Impact story

Designed a DevOps Cloud Architecture

Reducing operating costs and time to market while improving performance.

Adapt to change and accelerate time to market

Your digital future relies on modernizing your applications  

Enterprises tend to resist change when it comes to their legacy applications because the costs and impact can be high. But it’s become clear that today’s applications need to deliver interlinked experiences powered by the efficiency and performance of adaptable software, automated delivery, and aligned cross-functional teams. And it all starts with choosing the right application modernization company to get you there.

Realize value across your Application Modernization

Increase Happiness

Yes, happiness! A holistic cloud application modernization approach puts people first and considers how the experience makes them feel. It allows application leads and developers feed their fire to innovate and enables customers to do what they need effortlessly.

Improve Performance

Cloud application modernization addresses performance bottlenecks and scalability issues by leveraging native benefits and ensuring software design can provide modular capability scaling. Say goodbye to having your entire application come to a stand-still when a single capability is incurring high usage.

Reduce Cost

Legacy apps are littered with technical debt, manual deployments, restrictive quality assurance, and more, leading to a high cost of change. A planned application modernization approach will ensure operational efficiency is built in from the start instead of an expensive bolt-on later.

Make the Experience Matter

When was the last time you used a legacy application and were happy with the experience? Was it mobile friendly? User experience matters, and while technology drives enterprise application modernization, we must keep in mind who the application is serving, and why.

Impact Culture

Shift from siloed, individual projects to multi-disciplinary platform and product teams who are empowered to make decisions, be agile, and realize value quickly.

Save Time

It’s your most valuable commodity. That’s why our application modernization services for Microsoft Azure look at time-saving from two sides - the customer's time and the operational effort that impedes your employee's time.

What we do

At our heart we are builders.

It’s in our nature to solve, plan and make. We thrive when we’re creating change through the design and delivery of purpose-driven technology that balances immediate results, future innovation, and ongoing growth.


Experience and Product Engineering

Build effortless digital experiences

We focus on your customer, user and employees’ needs to build intuitive, innovative experiences that deepen their connection with your brand.


Cloud Infrastructure and digital platforms

Modernize your technology foundation

We take application centric approach to build a simplified technical foundation in the cloud that will enable agility, adaptability and efficiency across your business.

  • Organizational cloud onboarding

  • Enterprise architecture and digital platforms

  • Azure Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

  • Security, Governance, and Compliance Alignment

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Automated Deployments


Application Support & Managed Services

De-risk and optimize your operations

We can support, operate, and manage the platforms and applications we build to proactively mitigate issues and keep your revenue-critical systems running.

  • Application monitoring and performance management

  • Automated testing

  • SiteCore platform DevOps

  • Application design for DevOps

  • Automated infrastructure provisioning

  • Automated software delivery

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

Through our partnership, we can leverage the knowledge, experience, and resources of the World’s leading Cloud provider. Dig deeper into the power of our Microsoft Certified Partnership.

  • Gold – Application Development

  • Gold – Cloud Platform

  • Silver – Security

  • Gold – Data Analytics

  • Gold – Application Integration

  • Silver – DevOps

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