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Our unique advantage stems from addressing similar challenges across diverse industries, fostering a deep understanding that enables us to swiftly adapt to any company's distinctive working environment and technology landscape. If your industry isn't explicitly mentioned, consider it an invitation rather than an omission – our adaptability and proven success across sectors provide the confidence you need to entrust us with driving impactful technological advancements in your company. Join us at the forefront of innovation, where we turn challenges into opportunities for businesses across the spectrum.


Unifying an Enterprise Web Portfolio with Component-Driven Development Strategy

Through the adoption of a component-driven development strategy and multi-themed design system, our enterprise client successfully unified its web portfolio across brands and product lines. By streamlining design and development processes, enhancing user experiences, and increasing efficiency and competitiveness, the enterprise achieved remarkable cohesion across its brand websites.


Harmonizing an Asset Management Company's Portfolio of Web Properties

Our client, a global asset management company, grappled with technology redundancy and escalating costs across their subsidiary companies' 70+ web properties. In response, we orchestrated a holistic modernization solution, revolutionizing the digital landscape to achieve streamlined efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness.


Anti-Doping Agency Wins Big With Modern Cloud Infrastructure

A top-tier anti-doping agency was eager to mobilize an application modernization initiative for their flagship product to deliver new features for an exciting new partnership with a prestigious global sports authority while at the same time increasing reliability, performance, and security for their application.


Transforming Homeownership: A Digital Revolution in Post-Purchase Experience

Our collaboration with a leading home builder resulted in a transformative digital solution, seamlessly integrating a cutting-edge customer portal into their post-purchase experience.


Unlocking Potential: How Architecture Planning Modernized Brand Websites Across the Enterprise

To help an automotive company adapt to new customer needs, we came up with a simple approach to redesign their digital architecture. The priority was to design a digital platform architecture that enabled our client’s interlinked customer platforms through centralized data and intelligence, as well as DevOps tooling with automated application and Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure delivery.


Revolutionizing Automotive Customization: A Modern Solution Drives Efficiency and Delights Customers

Uncover how our automotive client overcame legacy constraints with a modern vehicle customization solution, empowering customers with comprehensive options and efficient configuration management to drive enhanced satisfaction, streamlined operations, and increased competitiveness in the automotive sector.

At the crossroads of a legacy data centre contract renewal, Assembly was instrumental in helping simplify a cloud migration path that provided a 1.8M reduction in operating costs.



A Cloud Migration of an Application Portfolio relied on by Millions of Customers

Incorporating the Cloud to rejuvenate an end-of-life application portfolio serving millions of customers through a meticulous migration, balancing ROI optimization and risk minimization.


Empowering Ongoing Success: The Continuous Impact of Our Dedicated Website Enhancement Pod

Explore how our dedicated website enhancement pod continues to drive sustained success, delivering unparalleled benefits and innovation to a diverse portfolio of customer brand websites


Transforming the Employee Experience: Azure Cloud Migration Success Story

To migrate and optimize our client’s employee portal to Azure cloud, we leveraged our expertise in cloud-native technologies and DevOps practices. The results achieved were not only faster and more reliable performance, but also improved user experience and collaboration across the organization. We also empowered our client’s IT staff to manage and update the portal with ease, ensuring long-term sustainability and scalability.


A Modern Foundation: How Azure Cloud and Sitecore Revolutionized an Enterprises Legacy Website Portfolio

To modernize and rebuild our client’s legacy website portfolio we took a fully integrated approach, working closely with consultants from Deloitte Digital and Dentsu. The results achieved went beyond performance and cost savings – we enabled our client’s internal teams to manage and release content independently, effectively “teaching them how to fish”, setting them up for future growth.

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Celebrating the Success of a Canadian Telecom Rebrand

Despite the quick deadlines, our strategic solution addressed the urgent need for a seamless rebranding initiative in a Canadian telecom company. Leveraging our expertise in Microsoft .NET, CMS, and modern frontend development, we delivered transformative results.


From Concept to Cult Craze: Accelerating Growth with Seamless Tech Evolution

Uncover the transformative tale of an Entrepreneur's journey – from pioneering the MVP to igniting explosive growth – our exclusive technology partnership propels a conceptual surprise box into a cult craze.

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