The Continuous Impact of Our Dedicated Website Enhancement Pod

Impact Story: Empowering Ongoing Success

The Continuous Impact of Our Dedicated Website Enhancement Pod

Discover the impact of our dedicated website enhancement pod across multiple customer brands. Witness how daily enhancements drive innovation, elevate user experiences, and foster lasting growth in diverse digital landscapes. Join us to witness the transformation as our clients embrace agility, optimized operations, and sustained prosperity.



  • .NET Web Applications
  • React JS
  • SQL DB



  • Application Support
  • Web Development
  • Backlog Management
  • Release Planning & Management
  • Strategic Enhancement Advisory



  • Release Plan
  • Enhancements & New Feature Delivery
  • Proactive Issue Identification & Resolution
  • Continuous Application Evolution
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge: Managing Continuous Application Evolution

Adapting applications to changing customer needs: How do you stay ahead?

Our client, a leading conglomerate within a competitive industry poised for change, faced a pressing challenge. Their customer facing, web applications required constant evolution to meet their rapidly changing user needs. Their in-house teams struggled to balance the growing backlog of enhancements and feature requests without impacting the stability of their application stack. They needed to find a way to efficiently build and release updates to their applications in a agile manner without impacting the stability and reliability of their applications.

The Approach: Strategic Partnership with Continuous Delivery

A dedicated support team that supports efficient delivery of value-added enhancements

Recognizing the need for a proactive, transformative solution, we introduced our dedicated Application Support Services to meet our client's challenge. Going beyond reactive support, we proposed a paradigm shift – a dedicated support team not only addressing immediate needs in their backlog but also cultivating the ongoing evolution of their application stack with proactive assessments to identify potential issues as well as advisory services that provides clients with operational insights that are critical for strategic decision making.

The team was led by a dedicated support manager, aligned exclusively to our client as an expert responsible for managing their backlog of enhancements, bug fixes and new feature requests. Serving also as a single point of contact, this role ensured seamless communication between client and support teams, while providing project management, release planning and advisory services on the business value and prioritization of the backlog.

Engineering team members, lead by the Tech lead, delivered on exceptional solutions, architectural excellence and anchored solutions in industry best practices while ensuring alignment to client's corporate standards and compliance needs.

Embracing a 4 week release schedule, enabled the team to scope and organize their backlog to ensure continuous delivery of value-added enhancements in an efficient and speedy manner, while maximizing resource utilization to achieve a high ROI with each application support release.

Our Impact: Unleashing Continuous Growth

Elevating Digital Experiences with an efficient delivery approach

With our dedicated Application Support Services offer, we were able to transform our client's customer application stack and enable them to quickly and efficiently adapt to their customer needs.

Our approach and focus on swiftly tackling their backlog enabled us to reduce production bugs by 80% within year 1 and 95% within the subsequent year, while achieving a 1 month SLA on fixing any new bugs found.

Our agile approach to development and releases, enabled us to deliver on value-added features and enhancements to existing components efficiently and in a timely manner. Proactive and vigilant assessments enabled our team to pre-empt potential issues and mitigate problems in their nascent stages, circumventing application outages and disruptions and ensure application stability and reliability at all times.

Our dedicated team, with a single support manager, harmonized interactions with clients and vendors, and significantly reduced planning, release and communication challenges while increasing transparency and trust between teams.

Through close partnership and communication with client teams, we were able to advise client teams on strategic opportunities and investments to exponentially better their application stack, delivery and management processes as well as customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of astute engineers were able to advise clients on future application evolutions that cornered on scalability, security and operational efficiency.