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Unlock business goals with cloud native software in Microsoft Azure.

We help you generate lasting business value using the benefits of Azure to build and operate secure cloud native software.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

We've been developing software in the Microsoft stack for over 15 years now with 4 Microsoft Gold and 4 Silver competencies. Our specialty is in cloud native software development with cloud infrastructure specifically designed for the application architecture.

This contrasts the majority of the Microsoft Partner companies who specialize in cloud infrastructure and Azure consulting only.

  • Gold – Application Development

  • Gold – Cloud Platform

  • Silver – Security

  • Gold – Data Analytics

  • Gold – Application Integration

  • Silver – DevOps

Azure Consultants and Software Developers

We are a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified Cloud Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

We work with companies and their visionary leaders to deliver Azure cloud-native custom software, Azure cloud migrations, and Azure application modernization services for your digital software applications. You can ensure we will bring to the table Microsoft certified developers, Microsoft approved implementation guidance, best practices, architecture blueprints, and tools to help accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

We support your high velocity continuous change.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Consultants

Helping you Adopt Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Azure Cloud Advisory Services

  • Defined Outcomes and Motivations

  • Delivery Toolchain(CI/CD) Alignment

  • Skills Readiness Planning

  • Target State Cloud Architecture

  • Team Alignment with Azure Foundational Concepts Training

  • Identify Road Map for Application Migration Approach

  • Application, Workload Inventory, & Rationalization

  • Tenant, Subscription Strategy, & Configuration

Adopting the cloud has now become essential for organizations, you know that, and you want to ensure the path from A-Z has been mapped. Our Microsoft Azure Cloud consultants will bring the map to help you adopt the cloud and set your company up for success. Learn more about how we help clients adapt to future changes with a modern cloud platform strategy.

Ask how we ...

Impact Story

Designed a DevOps enabled Cloud Enterprise Digital Architecture

Ask how we helped design a ground-up Digital Platform Enterprise Architecture with Akamai, Azure, Sitecore, MuleSoft Anypoint, Salesforce, and an ecosystem of partner API's.

Impact Story

Designed an Ecosystem of Enterprise API's and Centralized Data

Ask how we helped an organization identify, roadmap, and design a suite of foundational API's and amalgamate their data into a centralized single-source of truth data strategy that will be leveraged across the organization.

Impact Story

Designed an Azure Cloud Disaster Recovery for mission critical customer applications

The show must go on even if a data centre goes down. Ask how we helped an organization plan a geo-dispersed cloud disaster recovery strategy for their mission critical customer applications

Impact Story

Designed and Implemented a High Traffic Sitecore PaaS Cloud Platform Architecture

Ask how we helped this enterprise modernize their foundation before accelerating in the cloud with Sitecore.

Cloud-Native Software Development

Helping you build Microsoft Azure cloud native software applications.

  • Digital Customer Experiences

  • Business Applications

  • Employee Experience Applications

  • API/Microservices

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Serverless

  • Application Architecture

  • Custom Cloud-Native Application Development

We will say it as it is, we get very excited when companies ask us to design, plan, and build greenfield cloud-native applications that drive business outcomes. Its our forte. We help visionary leaders develop custom cloud-based software applications that create digital business platforms businesses rely on and customers thrive on. Learn more about how we help clients delight their customers with effortless digital experiences.

Ask how we ...

Impact Story

Helped customers easily apply for credit when buying a new vehicle.

Ask how we helped customers easily apply for credit with real-time results, when buying a new vehicle from a major automotive manufacturer.

Impact Story

Helped shape convenience into the home buying journey.

Ask how we helped shaped convenience into the home buying journey with a self-serve experience to make a customer's newly purchased home their own.

Impact Story

Helped a supercar auto manufacturer build to order vehicles

Ask how we helped a supercar auto manufacturer allow its dealers to sell customized cars right up to manufacturing.

Impact Story

Helped customers manage their financial contracts online

Ask how we helped enable self-serve access for customers to their financial information, make payments, view product updates, and change their personal information.

Impact Story

Helped launch a new SaaS for ISO quality compliance

Ask how we saved organizations time with their ISO quality compliance obligations by automating their processes.

Impact Story

Helped customers access their in-store price quotes online

Say bye-bye to the print out. Ask how we helped modernize the sales process by allowing customers to review their sales estimates online after they leave the storefront.

Impact Story

Brought a modern digital experience to a premier digital imaging brand

Ask how we modernized the digital customer experience for an iconic provider of digital imaging innovation.



January 20, 2020

Through 2024, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimization to become more cost effective

Azure Cloud Managed Services

Helping you operate your applications within Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • 24/7/365 Azure Managed Services

  • Alerts & Monitoring Design & Implementatoin

  • Application Performance Management

  • Azure Health Checks

  • Automated Applicatioin Deployment

  • Automated Infastructure Provisioning

  • Zero-Downtime Deployments

  • DevOps CI/CD tooling

We can help you de-risk and reduce operational complexity and costs for your applications and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. We offer a suite of proactive Microsoft Azure managed services designed to prevent your customers from feeling the impact of application and infrastructure hiccups that are bound to occur. We will ensure you have the proper native Azure alerts, monitoring, and operational dashboards in place to constantly measure your applications health with Azure to limit the impact. We take operations seriously and build it in from the beginning instead of bolting it on later.

Ask how we ...

Impact Story

Introduced proactive Application Health and Performance to an application portfolio

With over 7 million visitors a month, this organization wanted to become proactive in addressing website properties health & performance. Ask how we helped them become proactive to reduce impact.

Impact Story

Accelerated Enterprise Web Application Deployments with a DevOps toolchain

Ask how we helped this organization adopt GitHub Enterprise, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy to simplify their deployment with tooling across their portfolio of applications with our Build-Operate-Transfer delivery model.

Impact Story

Scaled Sitecore's IaC templates for platform delivery to meet performance needs

Ask how we scaled Sitecore's out-of-the-box Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates with a cloud architecture built for performance, resiliency, and cost efficiency.

Impact Story

Designed and implemented a Zero-downtime Blue/Green deployment strategy for Sitecore.

Ask how we removed impact to customers with a zero-downtime Blue/Green Azure cloud PaaS deployment strategy and implementation for Sitecore.

Application Modernization

Helping you accelerate the migration and modernization of your applications to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Cloud Migration & Modernization Implementation

  • Application & Workload Rationalization

  • Application Modernization

  • Migration Planning

  • Built-in Operations

  • Deployment Automation

  • Goverance & Compliance Alignment

  • Application Assessment

Should you modernize or just migrate your applications to the cloud? We will help you decide which path is best given your situation that aligns your busniess motivations and outcomes with your application requirements. Learn more about how we enable you to adapt to future changes with a modern cloud platform strategy.

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15 year partnership
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Modernizing the Customer Experience
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Yes. Being a Gold-certified Microsoft Azure partner, we are eligible to take advantage of Microsoft incentive programs. We will work with our Microsoft partner representative to make sure we are taking advantage of any Azure incentive programs Microsoft is offering in Canada. We are an ECIF approved Microsoft vendor in Canada.


We believe the value of migrating your applications to Microsoft Azure cloud is realized with modernization. However, there are situations when lift and shift migrations make sense such as meeting data centre contract renewal deadlines or software license expiration. We help with both, but with modernization always as our primary goal.


Our focus is developing custom Azure cloud modern software applications. We've been building custom Microsoft based applications for over 15 years with our team of Microsoft Azure certified software developers. Our development approach uses modern practices with microservices, single-page applications, ASP.NET MVC, Identity Server, .NET based CMS applications such as Sitecore, and older .NET web form applications. We have the capability go deep in your applications and understand the impact the software design has on infrastructure.


No - there are many managed services companies out there nowadays that offer a one-size-fits-many offering. Our application support services and 24/7 Azure cloud managed service offering is customized to the needs of our customers and sold as a bolt-on for software we have developed for customers looking for help operating. We develop software with operations in mind, therefore we are comfortable supporting it with confidence and tailored to your needs. We help companies with long-term operational support needs and companies who need temporary help operating until their internal teams are ready (Ask us about our build-operate-transfer engagement model).


Yes. Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Onboarding offering will set you up for success prior to our first cloud migration project. There are many things to consider such as, which application should I migrate first? How do I ensure we are delivering business value? Should I start with a brand new application or an existing application? How do I upskill my team? How will we operate once we are in the cloud? How many subscriptions should I create? We will help you get to the most appropriate answered tailored to your organization.


Yes. We have multiple ways we support helping you operate in the cloud. We can provide full responsibility with our "Operate with Assembly: Azure Cloud Managed Services" offering. Alternatively, we can temporarily operate your cloud while setting you up to transfer operations to your team when your ready as part of our Build-Operate-Transfer engagement model.


Yes. Our engineering team are fully capable of complete automation with your DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Infrastructure as Code. We even assemble fully customized software delivery platforms using the leading tooling so you can deliver faster.