Transforming the Employee Experience: Azure Cloud Migration Success Story

Impact Story - App Modernization

Transforming the Employee Experience: Azure Cloud Migration Success Story

Explore a successful Azure cloud migration that transformed the employee experience, enhancing efficiency and productivity.



  • .NET proprietary web application
  • Azure
  • SQL Server



  • Elicit business motivations & drivers
  • Cloud migration planning
  • Migration & implementation
  • App & pipeline refactoring



  • Web app hosted in a new Azure tenant  

The challenge

Helping a manufacturing company build in the cloud

When a manufacturing company’s parent organization decided to restructure and amalgamate their data centres, quick turnaround was needed to migrate their own web applications off a shared network. All with minimal interruptions to a critical Employee Portal.

What they really needed was an experienced cloud consulting partner they could trust to understand their challenges.

So, they approached us to help break down a seemingly complex Azure Cloud migration decision into what was a relatively common scope of work - except with one unique challenge. There was no assigned budget.

This told us that what they really needed was an experienced Azure cloud migration consulting company they could trust to understand their challenges, prioritize their employees, and simplify goals to meet immediate needs while setting up the company’s platform for future growth.

And that’s what we did with our build and operate engagement model.

The approach

3 step approach to finding the right Azure Cloud migration solution

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Assess and Validate

First, we deepened our understanding of the client’s underlying business motivations and drivers to ensure that the solution we proposed was in-line with their needs. We then assessed the applications readiness for the cloud, based on a specific dependency the application has on connectivity and security authentication. A quick Proof of Concept was implemented to understand the refactoring required to leverage PaaS.


Identify the Right Solution

After the assessment, we estimated that the effort required to modernize the application would exceed our client’s tight timeline and budget. So, we decided to move forward with a simple and effective lift-and-shift. This approach enabled us to meet their current needs, with the potential to optimize for the cloud in the future.



By rehosting, we were able to meet the client’s current business goals while setting them up for future operational success. Azure Cloud Managed Services and Application Support Services were added as part of our build-operate engagement model. In addition, we leveraged Azure cloud native tooling that delivered operational success with security posture management as well as threat protection, compliance, monitoring and alerting.

Our impact

Removing barriers and allowing innovation to flow

With a great collaborative effort, we succeeded in rehosting the application with no interruption to employee access or workflow, while realizing 35% month-to-month cost savings for our client.

Here at Build With Assembly, our aim is to provide value beyond instrumental changes to performance, to positively impact the company’s operational expertise and team culture.

As this was the first cloud project within our client’s organization, we worked alongside their IT team to educate them on the differences in design decisions, how to create added value for their business, and operational changes when migrating from on-premises to cloud.

From here, our partners were able to continue day-to-day operations, with more knowledge and confidence in their future.