Transforming Vehicle Customization with Modern Technology and Personalized Experiences

Impact Story: Revolutionizing Automotive Customization

Transforming Vehicle Customization with Modern Technology and Personalized Experiences

Uncover how our client overcame legacy constraints with a modern vehicle customization solution, empowering customers with comprehensive options and efficient configuration options to drive enhanced satisfaction and efficiency.

The Challenge: Navigating Legacy Constraint

The Imperative for Innovation in Vehicle Customization

In the automotive retail sector, staying ahead means constantly evolving to meet customer demands. However, our client faced a significant hurdle: their existing vehicle customization tool was burdened with legacy code. Not only was it outdated, but it had also become prohibitively expensive to maintain and lacked the flexibility needed to support the evolving needs and expectations of their customers.

The Solution: Revolutionizing Vehicle Customization

A Modern Approach for Seamless Personalization

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team embarked on a mission to revolutionize the vehicle customization experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as React and microservices, we designed a modern Single Page Application (SPA) that would serve as the cornerstone of the new solution. This web application seamlessly integrated accessory overlay images onto the vehicles, respecting business rules regarding accessory compatibility.

Moreover, it empowered customers with a plethora of features, including selecting vehicles, trims, and available exterior and interior color combinations. Customers could also customize pricing based on desired down payments and dynamically adjust pricing per province tax rules and levy fees, all within the intuitive interface of the web application. This comprehensive suite of features enhanced the customization journey, allowing customers to tailor their vehicles to their exact preferences while also providing transparent pricing information.

Furthermore, to streamline development and deployment processes, we implemented a standalone DevOps pipeline. This pipeline allowed for the independent release of features within the Build and Price module without requiring the entire web app to be deployed. This approach isolated any potential impact to customers, ensuring a seamless and reliable user experience while enabling continuous innovation and improvement.

Additionally, we developed a robust Configuration API using .NET to facilitate seamless interaction for users to save, retrieve, and update their configurations effortlessly. This API formed the backbone of the system, ensuring smooth communication between the front end and back end, thereby facilitating a cohesive and efficient customization process.

To provide easy access to their customization history, we integrated our solution with the Customer Portal and Salesforce CIAM. This integration enabled customers to view a comprehensive history of their configurations directly within the portal, facilitating transparency and convenience.

The Impact: Transforming Experiences, Driving Success

The Impact of Modern Vehicle Customization

From a customer perspective, the ability to save configurations within the vehicle customization experience offers invaluable convenience and flexibility. It allows customers to preserve their progress, explore different scenarios, and make informed decisions at their own pace. By incorporating this feature, our solution not only modernized the customization process but also prioritized the customer experience, offering a comprehensive and intuitive journey tailored to individual preferences and financial considerations.

Moreover, from a business standpoint, our solution has reshaped the vehicle customization landscape. It has resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and increased competitiveness in the automotive market. By leveraging modern technologies and personalized features, we've not only met but exceeded customer expectations, driving business success and positioning our client as an industry leader in the ever-evolving automotive sector.

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