Harmonizing an Asset Management Company's Portfolio of Web Properties

Impact Story - Modernizing A portfolio of 70+ organizations websites

Harmonizing an Asset Management Company's Portfolio of Web Properties

Our client, a global asset management company, grappled with technology redundancy and escalating costs across their subsidiary companies' 70+ web properties. In response, we orchestrated a holistic modernization solution, revolutionizing the digital landscape to achieve streamlined efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness.


Digital Portfolio Modernization

  • Implemented a modernized CMS with reusable components
  • Established a brandable design system for a unified visual identity
  • Integrated seamlessly with Morningstar stock data for informed decisions
  • Ensured an enhanced UI/UX across all web properties


Efficient Implementation

  • Collaborated among 70+ web properties
  • Shared resources and best practices, enhancing digital prowess
  • Transformed speed to market for new web properties
  • Provided continuous improvement through modernized support packages


Infrastructure and Security

  • Deployed enterprise-scale hosting for diverse organizational needs
  • Aligned security with strict compliance and industry best practices
  • Implemented geo-redundant disaster recovery for enhanced resilience
  • Modernized hosting for increased security, decreased costs, and optimal performance


The Puzzle of Digital Duplication Across an Portfolio of Companies

Our esteemed client, a Canadian multinational company standing tall as one of the world's largest alternative investment management firms, oversees a staggering US$200+ billion of assets under management. Faced with redundant technology efforts and soaring costs across their extensive portfolio of 70+ organization web properties, they entrusted us to usher in a transformative era. The challenge was clear: unify the diverse ecosystem while preserving the unique identity of each entity, harmonizing a digital landscape marked by redundancy and stifled innovation.


The Blueprint for a Unified Digital Landscape in Asset Management

Our comprehensive and innovative approach aimed to modernize the portfolio of web properties. The introduction of a Content Management System (CMS) infused with a catalog of reusable components served as the linchpin, fostering collaboration and efficiency. Complementing this, a brandable design system ensured a unified yet personalized visual identity across diverse web properties. Seamless integration with Morningstar stock data enriched the digital experience, empowering informed investment decisions. Elevating the hosting infrastructure to an enterprise scale, our solution provided a modernized unified platform fortified with security measures, geo-redundancy for disaster recovery, and built-in compliance‚ÄĒensuring resilience and a foundation for continuous operations. This multifaceted modernization addressed the unique challenges of each organization within the portfolio, fostering innovation, harmonization, and a streamlined digital experience.

Building interior

A CMS with a Catalogue of Reusable Components

The introduction of a Content Management System (CMS) formed the backbone of our strategy. This robust system was equipped with a rich catalogue of reusable components, fostering collaboration and innovation across the diverse portfolio of 70+ organization web properties.

Brandable Design System

To ensure a distinct identity for each organization, we implemented a brandable design system. This allowed for customization while maintaining a cohesive look and feel across the entire portfolio, giving each web property its unique personality within the collective visual framework.

Shared Infrastructure with Security, Geo-Redundancy, and Compliance

Our solution elevated their digital infrastructure to an enterprise scale, offering a shared platform fortified with robust security measures, geo-redundancy for disaster recovery, and built-in compliance features. This not only ensured the protection of sensitive data but also provided a resilient foundation for continuous operations.

Synergies in Diversity: 70+ Organizations Web Properties

The diverse portfolio of 70+ organization web properties became a canvas for digital innovation. Our solution not only catered to the unique needs of each entity but also fostered collaboration, where shared resources and best practices enhanced the collective digital prowess.

Portfolio-Wide Usability of Components

Through innovative thinking, specialized components tailored for individual organizations were created with a holistic portfolio perspective. This strategy guaranteed that, while catering to the distinct needs of each organization, these components were meticulously designed for widespread applicability. Fostering a collaborative design ethos, this approach not only improved efficiency but also nurtured a culture of collective innovation.

Nurturing Success Across the Portfolio

Acknowledging that digital excellence is an ongoing journey, we established a comprehensive support ecosystem. Continuous support packages were made available for every organization, ensuring that digital assets remained resilient, secure, and up-to-date.

The Impact

From Redundancy to Efficiency

The transformative impact touched upon various dimensions. The portfolio of 70+ organization web properties became a modern hub of innovation, with shared resources and best practices enhancing the collective digital prowess. Collaboration yielded economic benefits, with economies of scale empowering organizations to optimize costs and enhance their digital presence. A comprehensive support ecosystem was established, ensuring digital assets remained resilient, secure, and up-to-date. The speed to market for new web properties saw a remarkable transformation, empowering organizations to respond swiftly to market demands. Our solution ensured both smaller and larger budget organizations had equal access to a baseline of features, democratizing digital capabilities and fostering unity and collaboration.

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