Celebrating the Success of a Canadian Telecom Rebrand

Impact Story

Celebrating the Success of a Canadian Telecom Rebrand

Despite the quick deadlines, our strategic solution addressed the urgent need for a seamless rebranding initiative in a Canadian telecom company. Leveraging our expertise in Microsoft .NET, CMS, and modern frontend development, we delivered transformative results.


Mapping Success

  • Detailed analysis of client's rebranding requirements and objectives
  • Development of a comprehensive project plan with clear milestones and timelines
  • Collaborative alignment with client's marketing team to prioritize initiatives and maximize impact
  • Ongoing communication and regular progress updates to ensure transparency and accountability


Website Rebrand

  • Seamlessly integrated new brand identity across digital platforms
  • Assessed and enhanced the existing SiteFinity-based CMS website
  • Successfully met tight deadlines for the rebranding initiative
  • Leveraged expertise in Microsoft .NET application development


Continued Evolution

  • Implemented continuous improvement strategy post-rebrand launch
  • Utilized modern frontend website development techniques for intuitive user interfaces
  • Ensured WCAG-compliant and responsive website development

The Challenge

Meeting the Urgent Challenge of a Telecom Rebrand

Facing a transformative acquisition, a leading Canadian telecom company urgently needed a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Tasked with overhauling their digital presence to reflect their new identity and drive digital acquisition targets, the challenge was clear: deliver a seamless transition within tight deadlines while maximizing impact. The rapid evolution of the telecom industry added to the urgency, demanding innovative solutions and meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption to operations. Our team navigated these challenges adeptly, balancing urgency with the need for comprehensive solutions, to deliver results that resonated with customers and stakeholders alike.

The Solution

Setting the Stage for Success: Transforming Digital Presence with Strategic Rebranding

To address the urgent demands of our client's rebranding initiative, our team swiftly mobilized, armed with a strategic solution. Leveraging our expertise in modernizing existing technologies and crafting innovative solutions, we devised a multi-faceted approach. Seamlessly integrating the new brand identity across digital platforms, we helped the marketing team prioritize initiatives to maximize impact and effectiveness. Drawing on our extensive experience in CMS development, we overhauled their existing SiteFinity-based CMS website and aligned shared components with the customer portal, ensuring a harmonious brand experience. Post-rebrand launch, our relentless focus on acquisition led us to implement a continuous improvement strategy, enhancing the website's performance. From the introduction of new features, to revisiting the information architecture, every aspect was meticulously crafted to optimize user experience. The culmination of our efforts was a visually captivating and WCAG-compliant responsive website that seamlessly integrated with the new brand identity, setting the stage for unparalleled digital engagement.

The Impact

The Transformative Impact of Our Acquisition-Focused Approach

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Despite tight deadlines, we delivered on time and exceeded expectations. Within just three months of launch, the impact was undeniable: a remarkable 33% decrease in bounce rate signalled increased engagement, while an impressive 34,000 new activations underscored the effectiveness of our acquisition-focused approach. Moreover, the average session duration doubled, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the revamped digital experience.

Our partnership not only facilitated a seamless rebranding process but also set the stage for sustained growth and success in the competitive telecom landscape. By modernizing their web experience and empowering them with cutting-edge digital solutions, we empowered our clients to embrace the future with confidence and thrive in an ever-evolving market.

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